The Backside of the Mountain

This post is overdue, but I wanted to share some photographs and words from my sister’s visit a week ago!

Again, I don’t think it’s possible to express my deepest thanks to all of my friends and family who have reached out and sent gifts, cards, and well wishes. My Grandma has called to check in on me, my aunt has reminded me that I have a an incredible mentor/mom in her, my second family (shoutout Thomas’!) has continued to love me and constantly remind me that I am surrounded by the best support and laughter (you best believe I color all the time now). My cousins have sent cards and gifts that have been so kind and a reminder to my heart of the amazing place I come from.

I really have never felt more cared for and in good hands than while I have been out here. Community is a beautiful part of life- naturally I was so excited that my sister was coming out to visit that I had beg her to bring her camera so as to document all of the adventures we were gonna have! (But also spark my love for photography again, perhaps a camera is in my future…).

One of my favorite adventures was a beautiful day spent in God’s country. We headed out to Red Rock Canyon (which is about a 45 min drive outside of Las Vegas). It was a nice change of pace to get away from the bustle and flow of the Strip. Inside the park is a giant one-way loop that you drop in at a point and hike and double back before continuing the loop. We missed our first drop in and proceeded another 30 minutes around the loop to get back to Turtlehead’s Peak (you can imagine exactly how frustrating that was).

Anyway, the short point of my story is that a little nature and time alone with yourself and someone who loves you can be quite a healing time. I had had a very rough week before my sister came and while it was a relief to feel comfortable enough to sink into that sadness with her around, it was also very important that I pick my head up and move forward by trusting God’s plan and stepping into his promise.

Walking up this mountain trail was one of the most physically taxing challenges I’ve ever experienced. I had to often stop (okay, go easy on me, I also had a sinus infection) and catch my breath and take a swig of water. I had a bad habit of looking back and seeing how far (or not far) I had come. It made looking ahead of me much harder and daunting. Not to mention it was snowing. Snowing in Las Vegas in the 80 degree heat at the base of the mountain, how even?! It was such a relief to finally (!) make it to the top. The views were beautiful and a great equalizer to imagine that I came from the same God who created that. The truth was that once I got to where I was going though, it made coming down more enjoyable because I could appreciate the journey to get there. Which I realized is a healthy way to look at the hard times. Focus on where you are going so that you can appreciate the hardships and challenges that led you to that view.

Without further adieu, check out this adventure.


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  1. I really enjoy reading about all of life’s adventures with you. To be there to see all of Gods creations and to know that He walks with you. Love you Laura. 😀

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