Small Town Girl in a New York World

**Quick warning, this is not a glamorous post and kind of just odd thoughts!

Long time no follow-up! It feels appropriate to write a little given that during my twelve hour work days, I spend at least eight of those hours browsing Craigslist and reading Bachelorette smash-blogs. I suppose there are better ways to make use of my time (calm down, I’m exaggerating, of course an hour is also dedicated to throwing private fits over Trump’s possible presidency #imwithher).

Anyway, so I’m in New York! I’ve been here for two weeks exactly today, and given my roommate’s diagnosis, I’m a regular New Yorker. It took all of forty minutes for my pissy-hustler side to come out and slide right into the masses. That’s not to say I still don’t lean to the person next to me every now and again to confirm that the train is in fact heading Uptown; but for the most part, I am constantly amazed by this city, bitch about minor nuisances, shop at bodegas, and shoulder-check tourists in Times Square. Like I said, regular New Yorker. (Real New Yorkers, settle down, obviously I’m joking).


I’m working at the New York Musical Festival (thanks CJ and Liz)! The part that I’m contributing to are the Readings at Playwrights Horizons (I’m working on 42nd Street- let me take a moment to really breathe that dream in). This year we have 10 new works getting their first breath of life with an audience. These musicals are in their early stages and it’s vital to have an audience so that the creative team can gauge where to sharpen, shape and add or subtract pieces. It’s been interesting to watch the shows change over a few different reads for myself! And, although I’m not directly working on the shows and more so overseeing the venue and facilitating needs for each piece, I have met incredible artists and creators of many shows that have gone on to have Broadway and Off-Broadway lives! (Here’s to crossing my fingers to many of these going further!)

In truth, I’m really enjoying my time here. Surprisingly, I kind of like this city. Once I understood the layout and how to navigate the subway system, I’ve been feeling pretty invincible. Thank God it’s gotten better, because my first day here was one of the worst I’ve had in a long time. Pro-tip, under no circumstance is bringing a car to this city ever beneficial, all it is is a giant bug for trolls’ toll nets. I easily dropped $150 in getting into the city. My wallet hates me.

I noticed that the first real sign of me fully stepping into my adulthood is that these twelve-hour work days are slowly killing me off. Waking up at 7:00a and getting home at 11:30p isn’t leaving enough time for adequate sleep. #GrandmotherProblems. (I just did the math, by the time this is all over, I will have put in 176 hours in 13 days- I might be the walking dead). That being said, I don’t have too much time to explore- which I’m sure my wallet doesn’t mind. However, here are a few things I’ve picked up on since being here!


I saw my first Broadway show! (Seeing Waitress in a few days, EEK!) Which is a little surreal, given that I’m a theatre professional. I really enjoyed Something Rotten and fully recognizing the history and impact theatre has made. Incredible. (I wouldn’t doubt I make my way back here in my career at some point).

It’s been wonderful to see friends that I haven’t seen since college and catch up. Nothing better than an easy conversation and lots of love. (Did I mention NYC is a great place for Pokemon catching?)

A goal here has been to definitely try some of those New York eats that everyone raves about. Which leads me to my foremost valuable point. $1 slice pizza. If ever you were looking for evidence of God, look no further. Fortunately, I work next to two joints. The closer just serves cheese  and exclusively $1 pizza (the photo below), but the other is 2 blocks away and quite literally a smorgasbord of varied pizzas. SO big, SO good. If I stay in New York, it’s solely for the pizza.


As far as comedy goes–

Sometimes I ponder what I hate more, Times Square or walking through any casino in Vegas. I may have to choose TS by default of it smelling like eight dozen people had a hot dog and green peppers blowout, and then smeared samples on your upper lip. It is AWFUL. I guess that’s what happens when you put eight food stands on every stretch of street and let people waddle around in it. No thanks. Also, if you’re ever wondering how to spot a tourist, it’s the person standing in the middle of the street, putting their life on the line for that #timessquare  #nyc Instagram post. (Truthfully, I did it day 1- when I was a #tourist).

BUT- Despite me making brass remarks about the city, for the most part, I really do enjoy it. Living here is certainly different as it’s hard to escape and there aren’t any rolling hills- but a beauty all on its own. I quite enjoy seeing all the people who aren’t afraid to fully and truly express themselves through their clothing choices. I never feel out of place or compared when I go out, because my style is pretty vanilla out here. (Which I only mention because it’s such a refreshing sight to see).

Tomorrow Tiffany and Sheryl fly in to the city before we start our week long vacation back to Cincinnati! I’m so excited to finally spend a few days enjoying the city and take it easy before starting my full-time job with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati (I PROMISE I will write about my time at Cirque eventually 😉 )




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