The Dame Herself


Most people don’t call me anything, but once you meet me, Laura will do just fine.

I am a 21 year old lady doing my best to navigate life.

In my life (up to this point) I’ve learned to hold only a few things in your hand. I like to think that I grasp tightly onto my family, my relationship with Jesus, and people. I hope that if your path and mine ever happen to cross that those pieces will be apparent to you.

Or perhaps it may take longer for you to see that or me to reveal it. Until then, there are some cold, hard facts.

I grew up on a farm in southeastern Indiana. I learned how to ride a horse when I was four years old and am too scared to give it up now. Somehow (seriously, I’m not even sure) I attend school at the College-Conservatory of Music and am studying Theatre Design and Production. I love art. I love art even though expression is sometimes way above my comprehension. I thoroughly enjoy running. There’s a place in my heart where festivals will always be my past time. Take me to the track, we’ll get a Guinness and I’ll teach you how to pick a winning Thoroughbred. I’ve been to 46 of the 50 Unites States of America. This country is beautiful. I’ve been to Canada. That country is beautiful. Sometimes I want to strangle my family. I mean, I’ve actually thought out how I’d do it too. Too often I hug my family. There’s something truly beautiful in being loved and accepted without question. I like baseball. Take me to a Reds game, I’d love to see you get fired up over a bad call. Yankee Candles are the way to my heart (Black Coconut please). I will take the back 40, a lake, and a book over the city and a cup of coffee any day. (Okay, I’ll take the coffee too). I love jersey cows and fuzzy socks. I think there is humor in everything, knowing when to laugh about it is the tricky part. I would marry Olive Garden if it was possible. My favorite author is Mitch Albom. The best movie(s) are easily The Lord of the Rings. University Christian Church is my home away from home. I’ve recently come to enjoy tea and coffee. I really love my watch. I think Taylor Swift isn’t as bad as we peg her to be. I think Pitbull is worse than people are willing to admit. I love Oldies. Please shuffle over some Cat Stevens and Dave Mason.

… Wow, that was rough.

Truthfully, I have become a pretty good scout at finding the enjoyment in the little things and keeping happiness in my pocket. I’m always up for an adventure and I hope you’re wanting and willing to follow me as I navigate this road.

Thank ya,



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